Solcor Adjusta Bungee

Solcor Adjusta Bungee Cord

The all-in-one fix for almost anything! Meet Cordall’s “Solcor Adjusta Bungee.”  The Adjusta Bungee uses the world’s first solid core bungee solution. Delivering long-lasting, hard-wearing, superior quality bungee you can count on!

It’s tough, natural rubber, solid inner core is protected by a tough fibre shell. The Adjusta Bungee is resistant to UV and saltwater, making it ideal for industrial, marine, automotive and domestic usage.

These bungee cords come complete with hooks at either end – one of which is adjustable with a cleat – providing options for 10-100cm of adjustable bungee cord.

Available in four variants of length and diameter, each delivering 185% stretch.

Designed and made in New Zealand.


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Additional information

6 mm, 8 mm


60 cm, 1 m

Product Code(s)

SCAB6-60,  SCAB6-100,  SCAB8-60,  SCAB8-100

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