bulletfishing have been manufacturing and selling quality ​New Zealand made fishing kontikis, winches, spare parts and accessories commercially for over a decade. They hold a number of patents and are considered to be at the cutting-edge of technology.

The testing ground for their products is on the wild West Coast, fighting against big sea, wild currents and big fish.  It is for this reason that they selected Cordall’s Solcor bungee and fittings as an essential component of the bulletfishing Contiki Winch.

bulletfishing with Solcor Bungee

Graeme Pedersen, from bulletfishing explains:

“We needed a mechanism to enable simple and effective adjustment of tension when the line is let out. Preventing overruns of line stops bird-nesting. The frustration of any line fishing. The Solcor bungee provides the perfect solution allowing easy tension adjustment to suit all ocean conditions.

And the cord lasts! The solid rubber core withstands all environmental factors including, salt water, wind and high UV exposure. The hook and anchor cleat are designed to work with the cord and have enabled a design that is ideal for our purposes.”