Cordall is the name for the new generation of solid core rubber bungee cord, braided and knitted cords, tapes, elastics and fittings – developed, manufactured and tested right here in New Zealand.

Cordall is a New Zealand manufacturing success story. We have used New Zealand conditions to develop reliable proven products that support our customers in all of their endeavours. We have the ability to do small runs and create bespoke solutions. No matter your requirement when it comes to braiding and accessories we have you covered.

We have both expertise and scale. We produce over 100,000 metres of cord and bungee per month with a range of colours and style choices, So whether you’re NASA or Norma, give us a call.

Cordall winner of the “Clever Business Award” – Marlborough Chamber of Commerce 2019 Business Excellence Awards

More on our Innovative solutions

Resistant to UV, saltwater, and petroleum products, Cordall’s product range holds up in even the toughest  of environments. Hooks that don’t bend or rust, cord that doesn’t lose its stretch, or fray. Our products stand the test of time.

Used in farming, horticulture, viticulture, outdoor fabrication – or just to tie down the load on your trailer – we’ve got you covered. Buy once, buy right, with Cordall.

We have developed numerous world-leading solutions – including:

  • our solid core bungee,
  • our flushing valves for irrigation,
  • our Bungee Batten Marker for farming,
  • our buttonhole elastic for medical use,
  • our cotton tape for polo mallets,
  • our shock cord for boats, and
  • our anchors for earthquake safety
    – to name a few!

We have the right tools and solutions for your business.

This list is by no means exhaustive – merely an indication. In fact, there is a Cordall product for every need our clients could dream up. Or, if there’s not, we have the capacity and R&D wherewithal to create one in rapid quick time.

Cordall fittings and accessories are manufactured from materials (such as stainless steel or UV resistant Nylon 6/6) chosen for superior durability.


World Leading Innovations

Traditional rubber stretch cord, commonly called shock cord or bungee, is well known and widely used throughout the industrial, domestic and recreational world. This stretch cord consists of many strands of latex rubber filaments, bound together under braided polypropylene or nylon fabric. When stretched, the braiding opens slightly and UV penetrates to the inner core perishing the fine rubber strands, eventually causing failure. Consequently, stretch cords when exposed to the elements need to be replaced regularly.

The marine environment is the harshest for stretch cord where is subjected to extremely high ultraviolet (UV) bombardment and exposure to the elements. The Cordall team, with thirty years boating experience behind them, was convinced that there must be a better product available. However, after searching the marketplace in vain they decided to develop a product of higher performance specifications themselves.

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Strainrite fencing systems -Historically putting up fencing on your farm well could be a real pain. It took considerably time, effort and expertise to measure out appropriate spacing for battens – time that our clients could spend more profitably doing other things!

When a valued client, Strainrite, approached us with this challenge, we didn’t hesitate to work on developing a solution.


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Cordall’s new push tap flushing valve has been designed with sustainability in mind. The innovative valve design is not only simple to install and use, it:
• helps the irrigation system deliver maximum water efficiency
• extends the life expectancy of dripline (by reducing wear associated with the folding and straightening flushing method)
• is manufactured from durable, UV-stabilised plastics to ensure durability, and (once they do finally reach end-of-life stage), they are fully recyclable; and
• the valve itself can be maintained over time – with the ability to replace all individual components individually – reducing waste.

The result is a flushing valve that is easy to install and operate as well as being durable in the field, throughout the seasons.

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George Wood, manufacturing polo mallet featuring Cordall raw cotton tape
George Wood, manufacturing polo mallet featuring Cordall raw cotton tape

When Kiwi company Wood Mallets needed the ideal material to use in the construction of their polo mallets, they looked to Cordall to provide it. In the assembly of the mallet, the joint where the cane attaches to the head is tightened with tape. This acts to absorb the shock of the big hits, protecting both the cane and the player. The cane is safeguarded from fracturing and the player from jarring injuries.

Cordall’s 25mm cotton tape is natural, with no pre-shrinking or bleaching so it works perfectly for Wood Mallets – makers of the world’s highest quality polo mallets for nearly 40 years.

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Living with earthquakes is a reality for most New Zealanders and preventing the mess they cause is a focus for storage solutions. Creating a solution to keep filing contained yet easily accessible initially proved difficult for a business with a substantial number of historical documents. Using a chain that could be hooked and unhooked was not user-friendly and most users didn’t bother with the re-hooking leaving the files unprotected.

A combination of Cordall’s anchor cleats and 6mm solid core bungee provide a solution that keeps files contained and allows easy accessibility with file users pulling the bungee to remove files with it instantly springing back into position.  The anchor cleats screwed into wood and pot riveted into steel provide a fixing point for the bungee secured around the files.

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BHE50_0001 - Medical Elastic (foetal monitoring)

Positioning a foetal monitor requires a band that will comfortably and firmly hold it in place. It needs to be easily adjustable to fit women of all sizes and stages of pregnancy. When a hospital providing maternity care approached Cordall for an elastic that would provide an easily changeable loop length, Cordall developed the buttonhole solution. 50mm wide, the elastic has a center line of buttonholes so that it can create the perfect fit for all pregnant women needing foetal heart monitoring.

Buttonhole elastic, known as Medical Elastic, is now used in maternity care throughout New Zealand with Cordall producing thousands of metres of brightly coloured knitted elastic every month.