Cordall customers have been churning out the face masks…

And our machines have been going 24/7 to meet the huge demand for the elastic component. Our customers are making face masks for themselves, workmates, families, and their customers.

With the latest Covid-19 alert level changes and advice from experts, the wearing of masks has become more commonplace. The latest government advice says,

“the Ministry of Health (the Ministry) recommends that all households should be prepared by having a supply of masks for each household member… The Ministry recommends approximately four fabric reusable (washable) face masks per family member.”*

While some people are choosing to go with single-use disposable face masks, many New Zealanders are turning to fabric reusable (washable) face masks instead.

Cordall 6mm and 3mm elastic (in black and white) has been most popular as Kiwis flock to make their own masks. If you are wanting to make your own masks, check out the following instructions to make a basic version:

How to make a reusable fabric face mask

  1. Cut two pieces of fabric 22 cm x 28 cm and two 15.5 cm pieces of elastic (3 mm or  6mm width).
  2. Place one piece of fabric right side up.
  3. Pin elastic in place at each short side with the ends 2 cm in from each long side. This will form a semicircle facing in at each end.
  4. Place fabric right sides together.
  5. Stitch outer edges 1 cm from the edge leaving an opening in the middle of one of the long sides of 10 cm.
  6. Pull the fabric through the 10 cm gap. Fabric will be right side out. Press.
  7. Top stitch close to the edge all the way around. The opening will be sewn closed.
  8. To make pleats, make your first fold 4.5 cm from the top and the next 7 cm below this. Bring each fold down 2 cm. Pin and press to define. The completed short sides will measure 10 cm in total once the pleats are sewn.
  9. Stitch over previous stitching to secure pleats.

Step 3. Pin elastic loops at each end

Step 4. Stitch and leave 10cm opening

Step 7. Pinning Pleats

Note: When worn, pleats need to face down to prevent particles from collecting.

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Government advice taken from Ministry of Health website, 21st August 2020.