Cordall is the name for the new generation of solid core rubber bungee cord, braided and knitted cords, tapes, elastics and fittings – developed, manufactured and tested right here in New Zealand.

Cordall is a New Zealand manufacturing success story. We have used New Zealand conditions to develop reliable proven products that support our customers in all of their endeavours. We have the ability to do small runs and create bespoke solutions. No matter your requirement when it comes to braiding and accessories we have you covered.

We have developed numerous world-leading solutions – including our solid core bungee, our flushing valves for irrigation, our Bungee Batten Marker for farming, our buttonhole elastic for medical use, our cotton tape for polo mallets, our shock cord for boats, and our anchors for earthquake safety – to name a few! We have the right tools and solutions for your business.

We have both expertise and scale. We produce over 100,000 metres of cord and bungee per month with a range of colours and style choices, So whether you’re NASA or Norma, give us a call.

More on our Solid Core Solution

Resistant to UV, saltwater, and petroleum products, Cordall’s product range holds up in even the toughest  of environments. Hooks that don’t bend or rust, cord that doesn’t lose its stretch, or fray. Our products stand the test of time.

Used in farming, horticulture, viticulture, outdoor fabrication – or just to tie down the load on your trailer – we’ve got you covered. Buy once, buy right, with Cordall.

Traditional rubber stretch cord, commonly called shock cord or bungee, is well known and widely used throughout the industrial, domestic and recreational world. This stretch cord consists of many strands of latex rubber filaments, bound together under braided polypropylene or nylon fabric. When stretched, the braiding opens slightly and UV penetrates to the inner core perishing the fine rubber strands, eventually causing failure. Consequently, stretch cords when exposed to the elements need to be replaced regularly.

The marine environment is the harshest for stretch cord where is subjected to extremely high ultraviolet (UV) bombardment and exposure to the elements. The Cordall team, with thirty years boating experience behind them, was convinced that there must be a better product available. However, after searching the marketplace in vain they decided to develop a product of higher performance specifications themselves.


Problem One: The Core

Conventional stretch cord is manufactured from inexpensive and low specification multi-strand rubber. Given its formation and with its large surface area, each strand in a traditional stretch cord is particularly vulnerable to UV damage. Banded strands also provide a capillary path for corrosive seawater and harmful chemicals.


Cordall developed a polymer of specially formulated rubber components which has a much higher specification than the traditional latex type cord.

Problem Two: The Cover

Traditional materials did not adequately protect the rubber interior allowing damage through UV penetration and contact with other destructive elements.


Cordall sourced a tightly braided 1000 denier polyester fabric pre-treated with a UV inhibitor to provide a barrier of protection. Together with the polyester cover, the rubber core has ample UV protection.

bungee cord reel

The result: Cordall's "Solcor" industrial shock cord

Having solved the problems of the traditional shock cord, Cordall then focused on the fittings and accessories. Some fittings already available, were suitable but many were not. So, a new range of streamlined, durable and reliable fittings using the latest materials and expertise were designed.

Cordall’s “Solcor” products integrate a collection of innovative ideas and improvements producing the ‘next generation’ of industrial-strength shock cord and fittings. Cordall has a reputation for durability, reliability and innovation making it the choice of quality. This was confirmed in the harshest and most demanding of tests during the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race where Cordall products were used and passed with flying colours.

Cordall fittings and accessories are manufactured from UV resistant Nylon 6/6 for durability.

Most of our product range have been designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

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