Push Tap

Push Tap Flushing Valve

The most effective flushing solution for all dripline irrigation.

Designed to withstand both harsh UV and sub-zero conditions, the Push Tap Flushing Valve effectively seals the ends of the dripline when closed and allows for free flushing when open. Designed to be long lasting, durable and reliable while supporting efficient water use.

The Cordall Push Tap Flushing Valve eliminates the need for the “folding and straightening” flushing method – which is less effective and creates more wear and tear on dripline.

A simple push tap mechanism allows effective sealing and free flushing. Supplied with componentry to make it compatible with 13mm, 16mm, and 19mm dripline. Ideally secured with Cordall’s Solcor bungee.

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Designed and made in New Zealand.


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70mm high x 110mm long x 30mm wide


Body and Cap – UV-stabilised glass filled nylon, Spindle – UV-Stabilised Acetal Co-Polymer, Seal – Thermoplastic Elastomer

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