Solcor Bungee Cord Reel

Solcor Bungee

The world’s first solid core bungee solution!

Cordall’s Solcor Bungee is, quite simply, the bungee that lasts the distance in the field. The cord’s solid rubber core with a UV treated polyester covering ensures maximum resistance to weather conditions and general farm wear. Ideal as tension cord for dripline or to secure anything that requires flex. Also resistant to UV, saltwater and petroleum products.

Small runs of 100 metres available – and up to 100,000 metres!

Designed and made in New Zealand.


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SKU SCBB4-100 | SCBB4-100-BY | SCBB4-100 | SCBB4-100 | SCBB4-100 Royal B | SCBB4-100 BL | SCBB6-100 | SCBB6-100-BY | SCBB6-100 |SCBB6-100 | SCBB6-100 Royal B | SCBB6-100 BL | SCBB8-100 | SCBB8-100-BY | SCBB8-100 | SCBB8-100 | SCBB8-100-BL | SCBB8-100-Royal B Categories , , , , ,

Additional information

Black, Black + Yellow Fleck, Black + Yellow Fleck + Reflector, Red, Royal Blue, Sky Blue


4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm


100 m

Product Code(s)

SCBB4-100, SCBB4-100-BY, SCBB4-100, SCBB4-100, SCBB4-100 Royal B, SCBB4-100 BL, SCBB6-100, SCBB6-100-BY, SCBB6-100, SCBB6-100, SCBB6-100 Royal B, SCBB6-100 BL, SCBB8-100, SCBB8-100-BY, SCBB8-100, SCBB8-100, SCBB8-100-BL, SCBB8-100-Royal B

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