Shake Proof

When a 7.8 earthquake shook the Marlborough region in 2016 the clean-up was huge.  The big mess of paper for businesses was a particular headache! Files flew and pages scattered, creating a massive job to re-file important documents.

Robinson Construction was approached by a client seeking a solution to prevent this happening in any future quakes. Needing to archive all paper documents, access them easily and ensure they were safe from the shakes required a clever solution.
The first effort didn’t really work. A chain that could be hooked and unhooked held files in place but people using the files only bothered with the unhooking, not the re-hooking, and the files were usually left unrestrained.
Cordall came on board to provide products that would create an effective and user-friendly solution. The combination of Solcor Solid Core 6mm bungee and Anchor Cleats proved to be the perfect fix. The anchor cleats were screwed into the wood and pot riveted into steel to provide the fixing points for the bungee which was secured around the files.

The result – 100% success. A big improvement for staff accessing the files who can now easily take them by pulling the bungee to remove with  the bungee instantly springing back in position. The files are always secure with no extra effort required from file-users.