Cordall is proud to launch our next generation push tap flushing valve!

Designed to be the most effective, robust and simple to use flushing solution for the expanding dripline irrigation market, we worked with growers, irrigation providers and engineers over the past 18 months to design and produce the valve. Collaboration that has been instrumental in creating a valve that ensures both quality and sustainability.

Mark Unwin (our Managing Director) explains that sustainability was a cornerstone of the project:

“There is a lot of dripline out there and it’s use is increasing all the time. We are conscious of the need to extend its lifespan. Using a valve reduces wear associated with the folding and straightening flushing method. A quality valve like this, that is easy to install and operate makes the valve option more attractive. And a big plus is that the valve itself can be maintained over time and there is the ability to replace all individual components individually. We have spent much time ensuring the valve is long-lasting and copes with New Zealand soil conditions.”

Stephen Leitch (Managing Director at SWE) was part of the initial consultation group. He was able to contribute from his decades of experience and from the perspective of having been involved with thousands of hectares of irrigation development.

“The key focus with dripline design is effective and efficient water control – the plants need the coverage with minimal waste. This valve design ticks these boxes as it effectively seals the ends of the line when closed – resulting in water pressure being maintained evenly along the lines with no wastage. The design means when the valve is opened it allows free flushing. Solutions like these, which allow for maximum water efficiency, are the way of the future as we all become more aware of the need to do things as sustainably as possible,” Stephen says.

A grant from Callaghan Innovation was both a financial boost and a vote of confidence in the project. The new valve project met all criteria for Callaghan, as Mark explains:

“The additional funding was obviously appreciated, but gaining confirmation that the project met the criteria set by Callaghan Innovation was further affirmation that the project had real worth.”

The result is a flushing valve that is easy to install and operate as well as being durable in the field through the seasons. Engineer and General Manager of local manufacturing company Indac, Graeme Rickard has been involved in the entire design process.

“With a focus on function, durability and sustainability, we needed the design and fabrication to be superior.  The plastics are UV stabilised and fully recyclable and the triple action seal design – with pressure flex – ensures a watertight closure.”

The tools were made both here and in China and the valves will be manufactured in Marlborough. The valves and associated solid core bungee are available through irrigation and farming outlets throughout New Zealand.

To find out more about the push tap valve, head over to our product page here.