Getting extra mileage. Changing up to solid core bungee…

With a new second-hand Ute, this customer made the change to Cordall’s Solcor bungee to give new life to the tonneau cover.
The cover itself was in great condition, but the bungee used to secure it to the tub sides was frayed, broken under the braiding, and no longer had the stretch required to fit the cover securely.
A tonneau cover allows safe keeping of gear when driving, as well as protection from the weather. A good bungee enables the cover to be fitted and removed easily while providing the required flex, so the cover doesn’t tear with tension. By nature of their function these covers are put to the test, as is the bungee that secures them. Intense UV, off road terrain and varied load dimensions demand performance.

While conventional shock cord is made from multiple strands of rubber that wear and break, Cordall’s Solcor bungee has a solid core made from high specification rubber components with a tightly braided 1000 denier polyester fabric, pre-treated with a UV inhibitor.

This Ute owner has used the world’s first solid core bungee solution to ensure great function and longevity.
“The bungee had to be changed to make the cover fit for purpose. By using Solcor bungee I know I won’t need to replace it again.”

The original multi-strand bungee

Wear from use and weather

Cover frayed, strands broken

Solcor - a solid rubber core

UV treated 1000 denier cover

The bungee that stands the test of time!

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