Vegepod NZ is a Kiwi operated, family business providing a sustainable and simple way for New Zealanders to grow their own vegetables.  Using the award winning, self-watering, raised garden beds, Vegepod owners enjoy easy-care year-round gardening.

When owner Andrew Lowe approached Cordall he was looking for a bungee product to connect the cover to the garden for added security in extreme winds across New Zealand. Cordall’s 6mm solid core bungee provided the solution.

“The bungee needs to sustain repetitive opening and closing, as well as all weather conditions. With a solid core of rubber, the bungee is less susceptible to wearing down over time and the UV treated polyester cover protects it from the harsh sun. Quite simply, the cord lasts!”

Cordall’s range of fittings also provided the fixing solution for Vegepod. “We needed an easy way to attach the cord to the cover and then hook onto the Vegepod base. Cordall fittings are designed to work specifically with the bungee and the Permanent Hook is designed to lock securely. The combination of the hook and the solid core bungee was easy to install, easy for our customers to use and, provides excellent protection from New Zealand’s strongest winds.” 


Provides a secure closure while being easy to open and close.

Permanent Hooks have a locking block to provide a firm fix on the cord.

Solid rubber core with UV treated polyester cover. Long lasting bungee.

To get more information about Solcor bungee, head to the product page here.

To get more information about the Permanent Hook to work with Solcor bungee, head to the product page here.

To learn more about Vegepod products, link to their website here .

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